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Contract Renewal & Negotiations

Timing is everything. You can obtain the pricing and contract you deserve without damaging vendor relationships and wasting a lot of time.

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Phase One of The Genesys Process

Is your bank considering new technology services or facing a contract renewal with an existing vendor? This is the best time to ensure that you secure the most advantageous agreement.  Leverage our expertise to reduce your work load and negotiate the best contract possible.  


We take the guesswork out of the contract renewal and negotiation process.  The Genesys Process™ naturally includes contract renewals and negotiatons in PHASE 01 (see below).

Your Engagement Includes:

  • Turnkey/managed process from start to finish

  • Discovery on all systems and related contracts scoped into your engagement

  • Engage all incumbent vendors

  • Service quality assessment

  • Issues resolution

  • Strategic planning

    • Co-term all agreements

    • Vendor consolidation opportunities

    • New Products & Services Assessment

  • Cost of ownership analysis

  • Pricing negotiations

  • Contract negotiations

  • Audit & review all final documents

Support Services You Might Include (Phase FOUR Services):

  • Invoice Audit Service

  • Regulatory Documentation

  • Operational Assessment

  • Process Improvement

  • Systems Utilization

  • Project Management

the genesys process flowchart

At Genesys, we believe in honoring all the parties associated with any engagement we manage - that includes the vendors.  We do not lie, cheat or beat on your vendors to get a deal that is cut to the bone and leaving your vendors bled out.  After all, you have to live with your technology providers after we walk out the door.  We are not hired guns and we want to build relationships stronger, not tear them down.  Our Process is proven and it gets the results you desire while building and/or maintaining a strong platform for service.

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