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In-House or Outsource?

More banks are outsourcing their mission-critical technology. We can help you assess what is best for your bank.

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Phase One, Two & Three of The Genesys Process

Are you considering moving your core or other mission-critical systems to an outsourced environment?  Genesys was built to help you uncover all the information you need to make an informed and wise long-term decision for your bank. Our Process is a comprehensive, fully managed, due diligence methodology that takes the guesswork out of outsourcing.  We quickly get up to speed on all of your current systems and build a project plan that meets your timeline.

Your Engagement Includes:

  • Turnkey/managed process from start to finish

  • Discovery on all systems and related contracts scoped into your engagement

  • Engage all incumbent vendors

  • Service quality assessment

  • Issues resolution

  • Strategic planning

    • Identify short-term and long-term corporate objectives

    • Identify all systems to be outsourced

    • Assess current outsourced systems and contract terms

    • Co-term all agreements

    • Vendor consolidation opportunities

    • New Products & Services Assessment

  • Cost of ownership analysis

    • ​Assessment of costs to retain in-house systems

      • ​Hardware

      • Personnel

      • Compliance

      • Disaster Recovery

    • Outsourced proposal analysis

    • Outsourced gap analysis

  • Pricing negotiations

  • Contract negotiations

  • Audit & review all final documents

Support Services You Might Include (Phase FOUR Services):

  • Invoice Audit Service

  • Regulatory Documentation

  • Operational Assessment

  • Process Improvement

  • Systems Utilization

  • Project Management

the genesys process flowchart

Sample Engagements

  • Core In-House to Outsource Assessment

  • Managed Services Evaluation & Selection

  • Hosted Email

  • IT Infrastructure Management Evaluation

  • Data Communications Management Eval

  • Ancillary Systems Evaluation & Selection

  • Statement Rendering Outsourcing

More and more banks are choosing to outsource their technology.  Let us get into the weeds and manage this process for you.  Our job is to do the heavy lifting so you can run the bank.  

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