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Bank Technology Consulting That Pays For Itself

Core Services

We take the guesswork out of dealing with high-risk vendors.  Founded in 2007, Genesys has provided its Core Services to over 500 financial institutions.  After all, there is a lot riding on your technology and you have to live with your choices for at least five years.  Let us help, it's what we are designed to do.

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The grass always seems greener on the other side.  We help you decide if you need sod or just some fertilizer.

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A change in deployment is growing trend in the industry and there is a lot of moving parts to your technology.  Let us help you consider all the angles.

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Assessing the infrastructure of a target acquisition can be tricky.  Learn how we can help...

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Core is core.  Your forward facing systems are super important.  Is it time to get outside of your core vendor ecosystem?  We can help.

Support Services

How many hats do you wear?  Ever wonder how you would tackle a conversion?  A migration to outsourcing from in-house?  Ever feel like, "Oh please, add another project to my plate this year"?  Our Support Services is designed to help you keep all those balls in the air, irons in the fire, and plates spinning.  Let us help.


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